PACKTORY was established upon these values.

PACKTORY has been placing constant and philanthropic effort into its R&D since the establishment of ChangShin Co., Ltd., its parent company.
PACKTORY strives for user-friendliness as well as innovation, and has always taken the lead in ever-changing beauty industry.
As a result, PACKTORY not only possesses over 200 various stock packaging,but also is a brilliant choice for partners who wish to develop unique bespoke packaging.
Moreover, PACKTORY no longer solely remains as the producer of primary packaging, but has expanded its field to secondary packaging as well, offering turnkey solutions by cooperating with numerous partner factories.

PACKTORY has now broadened its spectrum and became more competitive on the growing global market.
Most importantly, PACKTORY considers customers’ satisfaction and trust as number one priority. Every inspection process, from incoming product to pre-shipment, is thoroughly monitored to meet each client’s requirements and needs.
PACKTORY, thereby, ensures the finest quality and service that is irreplaceable by any others.


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